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Businesses have been the source of survival for billions of people worldwide. Do you know the most important element of a successful business? Well, it is networking. To maintain a good network, business owners should communicate with multicultural and multi-lingual communities around the globe. This is where a language barrier comes in and makes it difficult for people to communicate effectively. To deal with this language barrier challenge, SpeakAme plays a crucial role. It is a mobile application that bridges the language gap between different countries of the world when it comes to communicating with each other through text messages. The users of this application can choose any language to send text messages to friends, colleagues, or business partners working anywhere across the world. The recipient will receive the translated messages in their respective languages. SpeakAme uses the Translation-On-The-Fly (TOTF) approach to ensure seamless language translation and says goodbye forever to any sort of language barrier. Doesn’t matter if you want to study abroad or have overseas business partners; this mobile application will make communication super convenient for you. Both Android and iOS versions are available for this translation app.


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The challenge

While expanding businesses to different global regions or communicating with other nationals, conveying your messages/information often becomes challenging due to a language barrier. It has become a leading problem across the globe because it becomes complicated to copy and paste messages from one application to another and then respond in their respective languages. The basic idea of this SMS mobile application was to remove the language barrier and reduce the global communication challenges to zero. The top problems we faced while developing this app are:

The Solution

SpeakAme is the real game-changer in the translation industry. This translation app is available for both Android and iOS and helps you efficiently communicate with your overseas friends and business partners in any language you want. You don’t need to manually translate your text messages into a local or another language because it all happens automatically. For instance, if you are a native English speaker and want to chat with a Turkish individual, your SMS language will get converted automatically from one to another, thereby maintaining seamless communication. The solutions we provided to our client are:


SpeakAme - Chat App Features

These are the main features of this project


Easy Signup

Providing the basic information enables you to register yourself with a single click and start translating your messages efficiently.


Multi-Language Translation

This feature helps SpeakAme stand out in today’s market. You can send and receive text messages in more than 50 international languages.


Quick Chat

It not only allows you to exchange information quickly through text messages but also helps you communicate with overseas individuals.


High-End Security

The integration of incognito mode provides you with a highly secure and encrypted chat facility to keep your information protected.

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